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Looking for affordable cabinets in Laredo from a quality local Laredo cabinet company? Well look no further, Cabinets Laredo is the company for you!

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Welcome to Cabinets Laredo! Your local cabinet designer that has years of experience and passionate employees.

Our mission is to produce quality yet cheap cabinets Laredo residents are proud to own! We strive to also offer a variety of cabinet services at one convenient location, saving our customers time and money.

We know sifting through the cabinet companies in Laredo can feel like an overwhelming challenge at first. You may be looking for a pantry cabinet, modern kitchen cabinets, cabinet refacing in Laredo, or quality kitchen cabinets in Laredo.

Whatever the service Cabinets Laredo has you covered! All while fighting to keep our prices competitive.

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About Cabinets Laredo

Cabinets Laredo has helped countless customers for years with our quality expertise and quality craftsmanship. Nothing gets us more than our customers’ faces seeing our work for the first time.

We understand that as you begin the process to purchase locally made Laredo cabinets, you may feel overwhelmed with options and decisions that must be made.

We want to ease the stress of your decision making as much as we can. This is one reason we offer our free consultation. So you have a good idea for our company and our local Laredo custom cabinets we can design for you.

By now you at least have some questions in your head that you need to be answered first. Questions like where can I buy cabinets near me, what is the cost of kitchen cabinets, who makes high-quality kitchen cabinets near me, or who produces the best custom cabinets near me?

Cabinets Laredo has answers to all of these questions and much more! Once you attend your free consultation. We are sure you will be left with little doubt that we are the best when it comes to custom kitchen cabinets, quality wood cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and cabinet installation in Laredo.

Why Choose Us?

Cabinets Laredo has years of combined experience with all of our employees. Customers have loved working with us for years because of the love we have for the job and our product quality.

When you order your custom cabinets from Cabinets Laredo, you are not only helping a local business! You are also ensuring that you will receive a quality product made by your local neighbors.

Should an issue arise, your local company is right near you to ensure their quality lasts. No outside companies or customer service to worry about here!

Cabinets Laredo also fights to keep our prices competitive as much as we possibly can. We understand that there is a balance between two different types of companies.

Some companies may choose to charge much higher prices for their cabinets. While the quality is fantastic, it may leave the customer wondering if the purchase was even worth it. This is not a feeling we want our customers to experience.

Other companies may also charge an unbelievably low rate. This may seem like a steal in the beginning. But the cost has to be made up somewhere such as cheaper materials that do not last. This can ultimately cost you more in the long run if you have to replace your cabinets much sooner than you anticipated.

Cabinets Laredo choose to fight to keep our prices competitive for this reason. We understand the harm using cheap materials can cause. But we also understand that the prices don’t have to be astronomical either.

What to Expect

The first step for you will be to schedule your free consultation. When you arrive, we will first sit down to discuss the types of cabinets you are needing. Such as bathroom cabinets, or kitchen cabinets.

We will also want to discuss the budget. We want to know the amount you are expecting to pay and how high are you willing to go depending on the materials you choose?

We will then go to our sales floor and the employee you work with will show you examples of cabinet styles, colors, molding, and much more.

Later, we will want to visit the actual job site and we will need to take measurements of the area. If this is a new construction project, then we will let you know the timing of when we will want to take measurements and actually install the cabinets.

If cabinet refacing is a service you have chosen then the installation process will be a little different. We will first come to the job site and remove the old doors and drawer faces leaving just the empty cabinet boxes.

We will then refinish the boxes to match the new door and drawer faces. After this is complete, we will install the new faces with new hardware.

If you are needing your old cabinets removed we are happy to do that for you. We will first come to remove your old cabinets before installing the new custom cabinets you designed.

There will be an additional fee for removing the old cabinets. Please let an employee know during your consultation that you wish to remove the old cabinets so we can plan accordingly and give you the proper quote.


Kitchen Cabinets

We want your custom kitchen cabinets in Laredo to be an absolute highlight of your kitchen! Our team can help you design and build locally made Laredo kitchen cabinets that will last for years and hold true to our quality standard. Come in for your free consultation and together we will design kitchen cabinets you will love because you designed them! For the best kitchen cabinets in Laredo TX contact us today!

Bathroom Cabinets

Designing custom bathroom cabinets in Laredo can feel like a challenge, but not when you have Cabinets Laredo to help! Whether you have cabinets that need to be replaced or only have a standalone sink that needs replacing with a brand new set of white cabinets we can make it happen for you! The best bathroom cabinets Laredo can offer are waiting for you.

Custom Cabinets

So you say to yourself that you are designing custom cabinets in Laredo, this has to be way more expensive, right? Wrong! Custom Laredo cabinets do not necessarily have to cost more! Depending on the materials you choose you could spend the same amount or less than you planned. Think of your custom cabinets more as personalized cabinets made just for you. Whether you need white kitchen cabinets or grey kitchen cabinets we can have them made for you!

Discount Cabinets

When you look for discount cabinets in Laredo you want to make sure your quality does not suffer. Cabinets Laredo can make this happen for you. Call us today for specials and deals on discount kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing

If the price for new cabinets worries you then we have another option for our wonderful customers. Consider looking into our cabinet refacing service. This is a great way to have the feel of brand new cabinets without the cost. We will come to your house and replace your doors and drawer faces while refinishing the outer edges of your old cabinet boxes. If you want the best cabinet refacing Laredo can offer you, we are the team for you.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets Laredo doesn’t limit ourselves to only working indoors, we work outdoors too! If you or someone you know needs to spice up their outdoor cooking area then consider our outdoor kitchen cabinets service. Our outdoor cabinets are built with materials that can stand the brutal elements the outdoor cabinets will experience and really stand the test of time. For the best quality outdoor cabinets, Laredo TX can offer you mention our outdoor cabinets during your free consultation.

About Laredo Texas

Laredo is a city in southern Texas on the Mexican border. It is home to the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum which displays the local culture and history of the short-lived independent nation. Next to the Dos Los Laredos Park, there is a bridge that crosses the Rio Grande into Mexico. There is also Lake Casa Blanca International State Park that has trails and a fish-filled lake.

The current unemployment rate is 3.9% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 8.3% while the national average is 6.2%.

  • Nuevo Laredo
  • Webb
  • Botines
  • Ranchitos Las Lomas
  • Las Tiendas
  • Rio Bravo
  • Oilton
  • Mirando City
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific type of wood I should use?

No, not necessarily. The type of wood you use will be based on your preferences. These preferences can include the tone of the wood. They can also include prices. Certain species of wood will of course cost more than others.

Is there a charge for coming out to my house?

No there isn’t. In fact, visiting the job site is a part of the free consultation. So when we do visit your home to take measurements and view the current state of electrical and plumbing locations there is no charge for that visit.

I need to have my old cabinets removed, can you do this for me?

We can of course remove your old cabinets for you. However, there is an additional cost for removing your old cabinets before installing your new ones. If you need your old cabinets removed please let someone know during your free consultation so we can give you a proper quote.

Customer Testimonials

I absolutely love my new cabinets. I tried installing some myself a few years ago and I’m ashamed to admit it did not work out as well as I had hoped. In no time at all, they were beginning to break and in certain areas, I could see them coming from the wall. Long story short I needed them completely redone so I decided to get a professional this time. They made the price extremely reasonable and the installation was perfect. Not only that I got to design my very own cabinets! Money that was very well spent if you ask me.

Jimmy H.

We desperately needed cabinets for our bathroom. All we had was a sink by itself but no storage underneath. Cabinets Laredo came out and took measurements and we were even able to design the look of our new cabinets. I love them and I love all of our extra storage space we now have.

Judy R.

I’m getting ready to sell my home so I have been renovating some areas of the house. One thing I knew would make a huge difference in the bathroom and kitchen were nice, new cabinets. It really did make a difference and I’m glad I spent the money to get it finished. The kitchen looks amazing with the new cabinets and the bathroom feels new just by having new cabinets put in. Great work you guys. I will definitely recommend you to others in the future.

Henry T.

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No matter what cabinets service you need, Cabinets Laredo can get the job done for you and get it done right the first time. Our years of combined experience has allowed us to make a huge positive difference in people’s homes.

Our employees are standing by waiting to answer the phone or assist you in person should you have questions or need to schedule your free consultation. Call us today and schedule a time to meet with one of our amazing employees and begin your new cabinets project today!

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